Support System Programme

Programme outline

This programme is aimed at individuals who are entering a phase of transformation. Such as those moving into a new chapter in their lives, be it a new marriage, or a new business venture. Please click here to book a session.

Programme content

  • Assessing strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifying potential obstacles
  • Forward planning
  • Five year vision exercises
  • The art of being flexible

Who could benefit

People seeking to improve their ability to embrace a new phase of life, such as those:

  • Entering a new relationship, marriage or family changes
  • Embarking on a work project
  • Stepping into an new location or project


Two month programme consisting of weekly 1 hour sessions.


“Moved to Canada a few years back; to start with it was great! Soon the newness washed off and I realised I needed to have a purpose as I was feeling lost. This coaching hit the nail on the head! I realised that I hadn’t stopped to plan…everything was without a connected purpose! Who I was going to be here?, how I would cope with situations?. When I finished this coaching I had a clean way forward, but also if I ever find myself in a similar situation – I, now, know exactly how to navigate it all.” Gwendolen