In-depth Personal Coaching Programme

Programme outline

Designed to address childhood issues, limiting personal beliefs and conflicting self-identity issues. That are acting as invisible barriers to happiness in relationships, career and mental health. Please click here to book a session.

Programme content

  • ‘Life Assessment’ analysis
  • Personal story and mythology
  • Belief framework
  • Self-sabotaging behaviour
  • Emotional literacy
  • Past Present Future focus
  • Recovery plan
  • Re-engineer a life plan
  • Aligning rituals

Who would benefit

  • People who are experiencing antipathy or ambivalence in their lives
  • Those who are feeling overwhelmed
  • Those seeking direction and purpose


Three month programme consisting of weekly 1 hour sessions.


“Whilst this programme was a huge commitment, it has totally anchored me! Previously, I was experiencing very little joy from life; I had ceased to feel ambition or drive. Generally feeling lost, yet from the outside things look fine. I was motivated to seek out Coaching Autonomy on the recommendation of a friend. The coaching was intense and the results have enabled me to approach life with confidence. I would recommend the team 100%. They will dismantle your negative beliefs and rewire your mind!” Kelly