Habit Control Programme

Programme outline

This programme is designed to address the nature of addictive behaviour. We will explore the nature of habits, the cycles that keep the habit alive, and how to gain control of a destructive habit. Please click here to book a session.

Programme content

  • How habits are formed
  • Understanding the five mechanisms of addiction
  • Understanding the neurological impact of habits
  • The silent cost of negative habits
  • Novel habit formation
  • How to sustain new habits

Who could benefit

  • Bodyweight fluctuation
  • Over-drinking
  • Gambling
  • Aggression
  • Procrastination


Two month programme consisting of weekly 1 hour sessions.


“I had struggled with my weight all my life; it was like an internal battle always present! Over the years with changing family situations, I gained more weight and did everything to contain it…nothing worked, a form of depression set in. And, then I started to get into a habit of drinking to numb the noise in my head, to feel slightly ‘ok’ in my own skin. I hit 40, alongside the weight problem I had an addiction to my ‘wine o’clocks’. Something had to change and it did. The day I went to Coaching Autonomy. Everything, the whole story in my head, the laziness and over-eating and over-drinking, suddenly made sense. Now I am no-longer battling myself, I am empowered, as I understand myself and habits now.” Sheila