Clarity Coaching Programme

Programme outline

A versatile programme, designed for individuals who seek clarity whilst wrestling with major life transitions, decisions or life-altering events.

In life, we sometimes face overwhelming situations that are beyond our experience. It is easy to be passive or react impulsively which can compound the circumstances. Coaching Autonomy can empower you to assess the situation with clarity that may be lacking due to inexperience or confusion. Please click here to book a session.

Programme content

  • Understanding human (brain) information processing systems
  • Human Information Processing Methodologies
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and progression-hindering behaviours
  • Solution based mind-set

Who could benefit

People seeking to improve their ability in a given situation, such as those:

  • Handling relationship decisions
  • Relocating
  • Cluttered thinking
  • Feeling unsure and fearful
  • Experiencing a state of directionless


Two month programme consisting of weekly 1-hour sessions.


“Clarity coaching was a life line for me! I found myself in a work situation that was going no-where, yet I was fearful of leaving, or even attempting something new – because of a salary. These feelings had been present for over ten years, as the years passed the noise in my head about the unhappiness I was feeling transmuted into depression. I needed this coaching to give me the insight into this situation, as over the years the whole situation was layered with other issues, and I could not see the wood for the trees. Highly recommend this programme if you are struggling with a decision or setting out into a new area.” Richard