Career Coaching Programme

Programme outline

This programme will help individuals, who are feeling directionless or disempowered, to develop a mind-set that will facilitate career management. Please click here to book a session.

Programme content

  • Decision making mastery
  • Network creation and management
  • Career personality creation
  • Addressing career cycles
  • Organisational career management
  • Managing self-employement
  • Visible and invisible stressor management
  • Career trajectory map management
  • Handling difficult colleagues
  • Coping with office politics

Who could benefit

People seeking to improve their professional circumstances, such as those:

  • Embarking on a career
  • Seeking promotion
  • Preparing for job interviews
  • Experiencing job dissatisfaction or career doubt
  • Experiencing chronic levels of stress and anxiety at work
  • Handling work place bullying and harassment
  • Managing difficult people
  • Forward planning for career transition


Two month programme consisting of weekly 1-hour sessions.


“I consider my time, receiving coaching from Coaching Autonomy, as invaluable in helping get me to where I am today! The career management programme made me see how I was being left powerless in my ‘employee’ mindset, giving me tools to get myself back to me.” Brian