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Why Coaching Autonomy?

Looking back over our lives we often express the wish that we had known ‘back then’ what we now know. Older and wiser, these missed opportunities and unresolved regrets can leave us feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled. Unfortunately, wisdom is often likened to the comb we receive after going bald! So how to avoid falling into this trap? Actually, it is easier than many people realise.

A good mentor can help provide that future knowledge so that we are less likely to miss out.

Alternatively, you may be facing a particular gate that impedes your path. Our coaches can help you find the keys to unlocking those barriers.

A coach, meaning an instructor or trainer, comes from the University slang for a tutor who carries us through an exam, much like a horse-drawn coach used to convey us from one area in life to another. If you have a specific goal that you wish to achieve, then you need a closely-matched coach. Please click here to book a session.


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